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   8 - 12 Aug 2019 712 €
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Matterhorn - Hörnli Ridge (Hörnligrat)

Matterhorn - Hörnli Ridge (Hörnligrat)Matterhorn - Hörnli Ridge (Hörnligrat)Matterhorn - Hörnli Ridge (Hörnligrat)



( 45.976440 N, 7.659290 E )
  • 712 €

  • 4478 m

  • Beginners

  • AD- Moderate
    French Alpine Grade (AD-)

    Fairly hard, snow and ice at an angle of 45-55 degrees, rock climbing up to UIAA grade III, but not sustained, belayed climbing in addition to a large amount of exposed but easier terrain. Significant objective hazard.
    Physical Endurance

    Moderate (8-11 hours)

  • 4 days

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Matterhorn - Hörnli Ridge (Hörnligrat)

Matterhorn is one of the most famous peaks in the world. It forms an almost perfect pyramid high 4478m. There are no easy routes leading to its top and climbing it requires serious training, good acclimatization, proper equipment and climbing skills, including belaying and rappel.

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It is also famous as the Northeast Ridge. The first ascent was made by Edward Whymper, Charles Hudson, Robert D. Hadow, Lord Francis Douglas, Michel Auguste Croz, Peter Taugwalder Sr. and Peter Taugwalder Jr. (father and son) on 14th July 1865. Nowadays it is the most popular route leading to the top of Matterhorn. According to modern concepts the climb is comparatively easy (AD), however this holds true only for experienced mountaineers. The technical difficulty of this route is of a maximum grade 4+ if you do not use the fixed ropes. Most of it is graded 2-3, however accidents are possible because of various factors such as the difficulty of climbing with winter shoes, belaying mistakes, lack of proper experience, stone falls and the route being overcrowded. The total length of the route is 1700m and the gain of altitude is 1200m.

Before we start the ascent itself we have to reach the Hörnli hut, situated at the height of 3260m. After spending the night at the hut we have to get up very early in the morning, climb the peak and get back to the hut before the afternoon clouds and storms can surprise us. Solvey hut, which is perched on the ridge at 4003m altitude, is an emergency shelter on the way down, however it is better not to be relied on.

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For individual client - 1209 €

Per person for minimum 2 clients - 712 €

The group is maximum 2 people.

Всички обявени цени са без включено ДДС

The Price Includes

- All guiding fees;
- Group climbing equipment (ropes & karabiners);
- 2 night accommodation in Hörnli hut;
- Lift tickets.

The Price Does Not Include

- Travel to and from Zermatt;
- Lodging in Zermatt or Täsch;
- Mountain rescue insurance;
- Meals.

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Day 1: Täsch

Arrival and accommodation in Zermatt or Täsch. Meeting with your guide in the evening, equipment check and briefing.

Day 2: Hörnli hut (3260m) - 2 hours

We will catch the morning train from Täsch to Zermatt and then take the cable car to Schwarzsee. The panoramic trail will take us to Hörnli hut for at about 2 hours. We will spend the night at the hut.

Day 3: Matterhorn (4478m) - 11/14 hours

Early start in the morning and roughly 2 hours headlamp climbing, until we reach the Solvay refuge at sunrise. After one more hour we should reach the shoulder, where the most difficult part of the climb begins. Using the fixed ropes we will continue climbing to the snowy-icy final part, leading to the Swiss peak. The descend is more difficult and slow than going up, however we should reach the Hörnli hut in the late afternoon and stay there one more night.

Day 4: Extra Day for Bad Weather

The additional day to this program is planned in case of a bad weather or if we need to stay one more night in hut on our way down from the top.

Best Season



- good climbing skills;
- working with ropes, climbing equipment and basic knots;
- ability to climb grade 5+/6- as a second;
- walking with crampons on icy terrain;
- good skills for climbing on snowy rocks and ice;
- be able to downclimb rock steps of 3+/4- grade fast and secure;
- abseiling and belaying;
- self-arrest techniques on snowy slopes;
- acclimatization.

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Matterhorn - Hörnli Ridge (Hörnligrat)

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   8 - 12 Aug 2019 D. Koleshev 712 €
   ( Bookings accepted no later than 8 Jun 2019 year )
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Matterhorn - Hörnli Ridge (Hörnligrat)

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Matterhorn - Hörnli Ridge (Hörnligrat)

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